About us

Twenty years of history and experience at your service to provide the highest standard of Concierge Services and Destination Management. We turn dreams into reality, and let you experience Italy in a new facet.


About us

Admaiora is a destination management company operating all over Italy, catering services to owners and villa rental guests. Our managing team started out their career in 1997 as tour escorts, cruise ground crew, concierge and business meeting specialist: we know what good service is because servicing is all we have been doing for almost 20 years.

We personally instruct and manage our teams to perform to the highest standards, we make sure guests feel gently paired with great people and feel special. Our supply is tailored and discrete, we stand behind both agents and proprietors fulfilling promises made. We will and have gone the extra mile for each and every service provided. 


Antonio Vergara Meersohn
General Manager, Co-founder

Juanita de Paola
Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

Ruben Vergara Meersohn
Chief Operating Officer, Owner



We have moved on from simply providing services as suppliers to developing a professional service system, configuring technological and organisational networks designed to deliver greatly and satisfy the needs, wants, or aspirations of our customers.

We offer the full complement of design, performance and management of integrated business-to-business and business to costumer touristic services, specializing in rentals. We are loyal, consistent and love the “one meter deep and one centimetre wide” approach with our partners and customers.

For a foreign travel agency finding a suitable on-site agency for the most demanding client can be a very difficult task. With our services the agencies job has become easier: we offer a detailed menu of services with all the needed information and support your clients while they are in Italy, providing them with first quality information and assistance. 


We are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers while on holiday in Italy by exceeding their expectations through our exceptional team and innovative approach to management.

We keep a precise accountancy of all services ordered and used, we manage deposits for our guests and report on a weekly basis or according to their preference. We offer a very discreet service, however we are happy to be available on-site for guests when required.