Juanita De Paola


Juanita De Paola

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

Juanita De Paola is a professional travel curator specialising in luxury villa rentals and Italy. She is a Tuscan in London and a Londoner in Tuscany, she calls Vellano home.

Service is the key to villa rental, which is the best possible tool to an Italian experience, so Juanita De Paola should not be surprised today of the great meaning of this department to travel, especially in times of booking platforms which perceive service as an obligatory duty, and the wide amount of difficulties it brings with itself. Being in service is about being a person who is capable to get in tune with an other human's needs, can listen and can deliver, hence a company like Admaiora must help a number of people working in service to outreach their best potential and help us grow while we do the same. Admaiora is a fantastic daily struggle, a place where we take service personally while dressing it with a futuristic, technological approach.

Admaiora started almost twenty years ago with a European fund for female entrepreneurs. In the beginning De Paola had to cover every role: from maid to cooking mamma, from self-secretary with a fictional name to tour escort for the likes of Presidents and (very) famous bikers. She has come to management after mastering the bathroom cleaning - and after failing two previous companies, so she knew for sure nothing beats one's effort to do incredibly well, to serve like no other, to get "there". The journey to service delivery changes our internal structure, rewires the way our brain works, in a way that is severe and magnificent.

De Paola is also the co-founder and CEO of VillasLink, the European leader for b2b luxury rentals and a columnist for Wall Street International, an educational hub that focused on tracking cultural content and creating a hi-end multimedia tool dedicated to the information needs of its readers.