Travel Agents

We are the only business-to-business Destination Management Company in Italy that works directly with overseas travel agents to assist their clients achieve the best travel planning results working closely with our Italian experts on the ground. We share our expertise and years of experience with each of your clients that holds together like a perfect Italian masterpiece.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about our comprehensive services. Our experience and local knowledge puts you in the safest hands as your plans develop. We leave no stone unturned to give you an experience that you can count on. Happy memories, fun, precious moments with family and friends are after all what most of us want for our holidays. Let’s start helping you plan this adventure for your clients.


Travel Planner

From the day you contact us about your holiday until the day you leave to go back home our travel planner will be your step by step guide on your Italian trip. From initial phone calls to discuss first plans until the property is booked, catering organised and special bespoke experiences paired we will provide you with a detailed stage by stage account of each and every day. This means you don’t need to worry about anything as we will have it covered even before you think it needs to be done.

We plan in advance so that nothing is missed out and the all-important details are collected and used to create the best possible experience for clients. The planner is your personal guide to all you have ordered during your trip – services, reservations, transport. This is our philosophy – know the client needs fully so we miss nothing. This attentive co-ordination of each detail offers solutions and the best experience.


Local Concierge

The local concierge and their highly trained staff are there to take over the reigns as soon as you arrive in Italy. After the warm welcome, you are in the hands of the best local experts in the area – they have all the contacts and knowledge of local attractions to charm every desire. The local chefs that provide fine dining experiences with the selected seasonal products to turn dishes into an explosive taste sensation.

The drivers that knows best routes, hidden attractions, short cuts or that view that makes people say wow: you are in safe hands with these local guides they love showing you around. Local experts hold all the information to personalise each experience for the client.



Visit Ponte Vecchio at two o’clock in the morning in plain solitude, get engaged at sunset in Sorrento, on your way to Capri, picnic on The Gladiator’s cinematic fields, hop on your tuk-tuk to Porto Ercole or get a new tailored suit in Veneto, the land of prosecco and fabulously-dressed cultured Italians. The ancient Via Appia in Rome, is one unique experience if done on a bike, not in a Ferrari, while a Bugatti will drive you far on the white roads of Chianti. When in Taormina, if its beauty is not too intoxicating, indulge in small cherry tomatoes called datterini with their incredibly sweet taste, oranges and anything mother earth has to offer: it tastes ten times better here.

Will you find your inner peace? If so, it will happen in Salento, Puglia, surrounded by olive trees thousands of years old and one spectacular seaside. Or maybe you want to shine, like a star, in Porto Rotondo? Never underestimate the enchanting melancholy of a stroll in Portofino. Whatever your intentions, we know where and how your wishes should be materialised, beyond anything you could have ever imagined.


Culture Discoveries

Everyone finds their special piece of Italy to treasure. It is called il Bel Paese (beautiful country) for this reason – every corner turned, walks on cobbled streets around a rustic village, glass of wine at a local bar or break to try a local food delicacy fills the hearts of the seasoned and newcomer traveller alike. A lot is written about Italy by travel writers, visitors and the people that live here full time. However, our culture calendar aims to do more.

Providing month by month discoveries and even going into next year we want to make sure that you can plan well ahead of time and miss nothing you want to see. Our local experts will uncover all the new, hidden or classic experiences on the calendar so you are booked ahead of time, planning your wardrobe, inviting your guest list and arranging best transport.